Atari Jaguar:
Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy

Veröffentlicht Dezember 1993
Publisher Atari Corporation
Entwicklung Flare II
Spieldesigner Eric Ginner
Susan G. McBride
James Purple Hampton
Produzent James Purple Hampton
Programmierer Eric Ginner
zusätzliche Programmierung Andrew J. Burgess
Art Direction Susan G. McBride
Leitung Animation Linnea Wigren
Animation Tony Gascon
Shaun Tsai
B.J. West
Michael E. Bartlett
Cheryl Blaha
Donald Wang
Audio R. Wiley Evans
LX Rudis
M. Stevens
Codes J9001
Genre Shoot'em Up!
Medium Steckmodul
Controller Jaguar Controller
Spieler 1
Wertung 5,4/10

Cross the 64-Bit Frontier

“Attention all Circle Reserve units. The Crescent Galaxy has fallen…” Now it's up to you and your comrade Cutter to return the planet Cosmolite to its citizens. You'll face killer Starbots, deadly Gundinos and savage Cyber Cherubs – the most formidable opponents this side of the universe. Rapid 3D rendering will make your interplanetary struggle as memorable as any Hollywood space adventure.

• A 64-bit gaming experience like no other
• Liberate the four moons of Cosmolite and face Odd-It
• Call in Cutter, your comrade, for assistance
• Spectacular 3D rendered graphics
• An arsenal including beams, tracers and bolts
• Plow through a netherworld full of beastly enemies
• Fantastic, fearless and downright freaky end-of-level bosses

Crescent Galaxy war einer der drei ursprünglich für die Panther-Konsole geplanten Launch-Titel, die anderen beiden waren Raiden (雷電) und Cybermorph.



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