Atari 400/800/XL/XE: Caverns of Mars

Veröffentlicht April 1982 (Diskette)
April 1983 (Steckmodul)
Publisher Atari, Inc.
Atari Program Exchange
Entwickler Greg Christensen
Codes APX-10084 (Kassette)
APX-20084 (Kassette)
RX8130 (Diskette)
CXL4021 (Modul)
RX8021 (Modul, Re-Release)
Genre Shoot'em up!
Medien Kassette
Controller Joystick
Spieler 1
Wertung 7.9/10
Systemanforderungen • 16 kB RAM
• ggf. Kassettenlaufwerk
• ggf. Diskettenlaufwerk



MARS – In a sudden move that caught the entire Solar System by surprise, the Martian galactic fleet today surrounded the planet Terra IV and demanded immediate surrender. A statement issued by Ixglobpt Ugzibniac, the Supreme Commander of the Martian forces, confirmed the military maneuver and added that the situation on Terra IV was "under complete and total control."
Neutral observers, however, report that the Terra IV High Command was able to send a single Helicon VII fighter to Mars, where it is presumed to be invading the Martian Headquarters deep within the twisting and treacherous Caverns of Mars.
The Helicon VII is an advanced fighter armed with twin laser torpedoes, capable of destroying the Creon and Pyxias Rockets used to defend the Caverns. Intelligence sources speculate that the Helicon ship may have to penetrate between two and five Caverns of Mars, depending on the skill level of the pilot, in order to reach the Martian Headquarters. Once there, the fighter will likely attempt to activate the deadly Fusion Bomb that is the keystone of the Martian Defence system, and escape back through the Caverns before the bomb explodes.
In addition to the Creon and Pyxian Rockets, the Helicon fighter must also overcome Laser Gates and Space Mines to reach the Martian Headquarters. Experts agree that this mission is possible, but requires the utmost skill and daring on the part of the pilot.
Dr. Milton Megaton, Senior Fellow at the Angletron Institute for Galactic Studies in London, offered an assessment of the military situation. "If the Helicon fighter pilot is to have any hope for survival, he must keep his hand on the joystick and his eyes to the tracking screen at all times. Frankly, the Caverns of Mars would be extremely dangerous to navigate even if they weren't so well defended. One slip and it could be 'kiss your protons goodbye.'"


Best Starship in Space?
Despite cost overruns and delays, the Helicon VII may be the galaxy's most advanced fighter. Page 2

Why They Call It The Angry Planet
Martians just can't seem to get along, as revealed in the political history of this troubled planet. Back Page


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