Atari Computer: Final Legacy 

Veröffentlicht August 1985
Entwickler Chris Horseman
Dan Oliver
Brad Fuller
Entwicklerfirma Atari
Modellnummer RX8067
Genre Shoot'em up!
Medium Steckmodul
Controller Joystick, Tastatur, Trackball
Spieler 1
Wertung 8.0/10

The 3-Front War Game

Weigh anchor at the turn of the tide! Your mission: to steer the battleship Legacy into the Dead Zone and destroy the Warmongers' missile sites. And while you're battling against all odds at sea, you must also help your compatriots back home as they defend their cities against the enemy missiles. These missiles are launched whenever you attack one of the enemy's installations. Look out for enemy ships that follow you – if you're not careful, they'll turn your ship into splinters.


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