Atari Computer: Ballblazer 

Veröffentlicht Oktober 1987
Entwickler David Levine
Aric Wilmunder
Gary Winnick
Peter Langston
Entwicklerfirma Lucasfilm Games
Modellnummer RX8064
Genre Sport
Medium Steckmodul
Controller Joystick
Spieler 1–2
Wertung 8.1/10

Become the ultimate champion of the universe

The year is 3087… you are the contestant in the fastest, most competitive, and by far the most popular sport in the universe. You and your opponent are strapped into Rotofoils, hovercraft-like vehicles that skim the surface of the playfield at speeds of up to 50 meters a second. Your objective is simple – score the most points during the timed competition and be declared the champion. Your task, however, is a bit more complex.

At the speed you're traveling, firing the Plasmorb through your opponent's goal takes more than just skill and timing. Do you want to take an Over-the-Horizon Shot worth three points. or get within sight of the goal for a two-point attempt? Your safest bet is to push it through, but this takes up precious time and is only worth one point. Think fast, becaust this is a two-player game and your opponent is making the same decisions… or is he?

Ballblazer features two-player simultaneous play, with first-person perspective for both players. Three playing modes are available: Regulation Game, Practice Mode, and Spectator Mode.

Ballblazer offers the type of two-player head-to-head competition you've been waiting for. Three minutes, two players, one victor!


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