Atari 2600: Combat Two

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Publisher Atari, Inc.
Code CX26156
Genre Shooter
Medium Steckmodul
Controller Joystick
Wertung k.A.

Combat Two

The year is 2037. Mankind has finally tired of fighting massive wars with millions senselessly slaughtered. All this has been replaced by a new kind of warfare: the Combat Duels. Any time diplomacy between two nations fails, they resolve the conflict via the Duels, where two individuals battle head to head for their countries honor.

These individuals are called Combatants, and they've trained hard and fought thousands of test duels to earn the right to be the champions for their nations.

Combat Two will put you in the role of such a Combatant, a mighty hero of the virtual battlefeld. Prove to your country that you are worthy of fighting in the Combat Duels and lead them to victory!

(Boxtext von der Retrodesign-Version)
Combat Two wurde von Retrodesign in einer limitierten Auflage von 200 Stück auf der Classic Gaming Expo 2001 verkauft, weitere 50 Kopien wurden außerhalb den USA verkauft. Bei dem Spiel handelt es sich um die Fortsetzung des Spiels Combat.


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