Atari Arcadespiele: Anti-Aircraft

Veröffentlicht 6. Juni 1975
Publisher Atari, Inc.
Entwickler Atari, Inc.
Genre Shooter
Steuerung Buttons
Spieler 1–2 (gleichzeitig)
Prozessor keiner, das Spiel basiert auf einer Logikschaltung
Audio Mono, verstärkt
Video 23″ Rasterbildschirm schwarz/weiß, horizontal, Standardauflösung
Bauformen Upright
Abmessungen H×B×T 147 × 64 × 71,12 cm
Wertung KLOV/IAM k.A.

Beschreibung / Werbetext (englisch)
You're on red alert! Forward observers have plottet enemy aircraft coming into range… now! You aim your cannon, track the target. You have 3 firing positions, 3 chances, but you have to be quick. Those planes are really moving. You press the firing button. Missed! You change firing position, shoot again. The enemy plane blows up. You get set for the next attack.

You command your own gun crew. You're there, in the thick of the fighting. Within operator-adjustable game time you have to shoot down more aircraft than the "enemy" gunner to win the battle. Digital scoring for each gun lets you keep track of hits. Your timing and skill are on the line every second as you try to zero in time after time and blast the enemy out of the sky.

Heavy artillery. ANTI-AIRCRAFT is designed for heavy action. Durastress™ tested solid state circuits and 23″ monitor, battle-tested plywood construction and easy accessibility for maintenance means ANTI-AIRCRAFT is always combat-ready.

Heavy profits. Your players will want to test their shooting skills time after time. New illuminated attraction panel, side panel graphics and low profile design make ANTI-AIRCRAFT a natural traffic builder and income producer in any location.
Ein Teil des Spiels wurde 1977 im VCS-Spiel Air-Sea Battle integriert.

Der vor Veröffentlichung zeitweilig angedachte Name war Anti-Aircraft II, um den Zwei-Spieler-Modus des Spiels hervorzuheben.
Amazing Adventure APB (All-Points Bulletin)