Atari Jaguar: PowerDrive Rally

Veröffentlicht Oktober 1995
Publisher Time Warner Interactive
Entwickler Peter Johnson (Programmierung)
Philip Nixon (Grafik/Karten)
Gordon Hall (Musik)
Code 31763-11153
Genre Rennspiel – Rallye
Controller Jaguar Controller
Medium Steckmodul
Spieler 1–2
Wertung 7,8/10
ESRB-Altersfreigabe K–A (ab 6 Jahre)

Eat dirt – Rally style!

Fueled by a nitro-burning, 64-bit graphics engine, PowerDrive Rally delivers the sights, souns and the chaotic intensity of pure Rally racing. You'll actually see the skid marks and icicles fly as you tear across the Italian countryside. Hear the gears grind and your navigator sneer as you rip through the Arizona desert. Feel the heart palpitations and adrenaline overload as you bury the needle along the dust-choked African plains.

It's dirty. It's ugly. It's uncompromising Rally racing – Jaguar style!


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