Atari Flipper: The Atarians

Veröffentlicht Februar 1977
Designer Bob Jonesi
Art Elektronischer Flipper
1. Generation
Bauform Widebody
Abmessungen H×B×T 97 × 76,2 × 130,8 cm
Höhe mit Backbox 174,63 cm
Anzahl der Spieler 1–4
Grafische Gestaltung George Opperman

Atari: Airborne Avenger

Vielen Dank für das Bild an Swen Quiskamp
Beschreibung / Werbetext (englisch)
The Atarians introduces a new generation of advanced coin operated amusement products. Two years of research, planning anddevelopment, and an extensive field test program has verified strong player acceptance of the game. While the general cabinet layout and styling of conventional games have been retained, important unconventional extras are offered for higher non-stop collections and play appeal.
Wider Playfield. For more ball action, 27″ wide vs 20½″ for most other games, while overall cabinet width is kept below 30″.
Pre-game Show. The Atarians demants to be played. Playfield and back box lights flash in repeating patterns when game is not in play.
Game Sounds. A wider variety of new sounds produced electronically add to player excitement.
Reliable Circuit Design. Sealed contact switches and magnetic sensor switches replace rollovers, eliminating the neeed for adjustments and problems caused by dirt buildup.
Adjustable speaker volume and playfield light intensity. Changes to suit background noise level and lighting environment can be made at game site.

OPERATOR OPTIONS. The Atarians incorporates a wider variety of options designet to enhance revenues and keep players coming back for new challenges:
Game Cost. One coin for one or two game credits. Two coins for one game, 3 credits for 2 coins (3 plays for 50¢).
Playfield Status Restoration. No restoration, or restoration separately for each player when up.
Replays. Replays not allowed, or replays awarded for achievement of pre-selected score levels.
Match Score. No match allowed. Or a one game credit given at the end of a game if the last two numbers of score matches numbers showing in Match Display window on lower arch.
Number of Balls. Each player can play 3 or 5 balls.
Specials. Player earning the "Special" can receive either one game credit, one extra bell, or 10,000 additional points.

Superheroism, above and beyond… Built-in easy maintenance features, reliable solid state tested circuitry and INSTAPART 24-hour parts turnaround keep The Atarians earning longer.

Start playing with tomorrow, today. Atari games have earned an international reputation for play appeal and profitability with microcomputer features that set new standards in reliability.
The Atarians war das erste von Atari veröffentlichte Flipperspiel.
Airborne Avenger Hercules