Atari Lynx: WarBirds

Veröffentlicht Mai 1991
Publisher Atari Corporation
Entwickler Robert Zdybel
Code PA2032
Genre Shooter
Medium Steckmodul
Sonstiges ComLynx-Unterstützung
Spieler 1–4
Wertung 8.9/10

Battle for the skies!

It's the First World War and the conquest of the sky is your mission. Battle your way to that target with WarBirds, the totally three-dimensional, fly by the seat of your pants, dog fight game.

Pick from any of six missions from Milk Run to The Swarm to dog fight one-on-one or fill the sky with war planes. Fight against a computer-controlled squadron or link up with up to four Lynx friends to determine who is the Greates World War I Flying Ace.

Bild: AtariAge
Vindicators World Class Fußball / Soccer