Atari Lynx: Rampage

Veröffentlicht Dezember 1990
Publisher Atari Corporation
Entwickler Pete Wierzbicki
Code PA2022
Genre Action
Medium Steckmodul
Sonstiges ComLynx-Unterstützung
Spieler 1–4
Wertung 7.3/10

Revenge of the Lab Animals

Lizzie the Lizard, George the Gorilla, Larry the Lab Rat, and Ralph the Wolfman were happy lab animals. But then some nerdy biotechnician dumped a vat of megavitamins into their food. Now the four huge and gruesome monsters are ripping the town apart for revenge!

Skyscrapers go up in flames and buildings crumble at a single hit from the mega-monsters. It's almost like a Saturday afternoon horror movie except … YOU get to be the monster! Link up with as many as 3 monster pals for murderous mayhem.

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