Nintendo Entertainment System:
Rolling Thunder

Veröffentlicht Oktober 1989
Publisher Tengen, Inc.
Entwickler Junko Ozawa (Musik)
Minoru Kidooka (Musik)
UPC-Code 031763012122
Genre Run and Gun
Medium Steckmodul
Controller D-Pad
Spieler 1–2
Wertung 7.9/10

Cold fury on a hot mission.

ROLLING THUNDER: The name of the world's most powerful secret police force. You: Its best agent. Your Mission: Smash a ruthless underground conspiracy to conquer the world. But there's more. The enemy has captured beautiful agent Leila and is even now torturing her. You – and you alone – can save her. She can't hold out forever, so you better move fast! Armed with a handgun, you run and jump through treacherous passageways, blowing away enemy thugs. You can enter marked doors to collect bullets or special weapons like machine guns. The deeper you go, the more deadly the enemy becomes. This time, it's not just an action-packed game that tests your reflexes to the max. This time, it's personal!
Wie die meisten anderen Tengen-Spiele für das NES ist dieses Spiel auch mit dem kopierten Lockout-Chip versehen und wurde nicht von Nintendo lizenziert.

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