Sega Mega Drive:
Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt

Veröffentlicht USA November 1993
Japan 25. Dezember 1993
Publisher USA Tengen, Inc.
Japan Tengen Ltd.
Entwickler Design
Richard L. Seaborne

Richard L. Seaborne
May Yam

Art und Animation
Jose Erazo
Doug Gray
Manuel Laguatan
Jules Marino
Alan J. Murphy

Musik und Sound
Earl Vickers
Doug Brandon
Nu Romantic

Fragen & Antworten
Earl Vickers
Laura Allen
Sally Bianco
Dean Bungart
Cheryl Lidberg
Julia Lowther

Awesome Comic
Tyler Davidson
Paul Arden Lidberg

Jose Erazo
Manuel Laguatan
Paul Arden Lidberg

Richard L. Seaborne
Earl Vickers

Steve Calfee
Codes UPC-A: 031763065500
EAN-13: 4991425000170
Genre Action
Medium Steckmodul
Controller Mega Drive / Genesis Controller
Spieler 1
Wertung 6.6/10

Ready to Kick a Little Ecological Butt?

Awesome Possum is here to clean up the world. How can you help? Don't worry – Awesome will tell you. With more then 80 different audio phrases, Awesome Possum is the first Genesis cartoon character who really talks… and he's got a lot to say!

You and Awesome take on the littering Dr. Machino and his chainsaw goons. Clean up rancid rubbish and fight putrid pollution… and collect recyclables to win big points. Test your "eco" knowledge – and score bonus points – by answering questions about nature and the environment.

So if the bad guys pollute, give 'em the boot! And help save the trees, the oceans, and Mother Earth herself!
In Japan unter dem Titel オーサムポッサム (Ōsamu possamu) vertrieben.

Paul A. Roginski verklagte Tengen im Jahr 1997, da das Spiel auf seinen Comic-Charakteren basieren würde. Mangels Beweisen wurde das Verfahren jedoch eingestellt.

Der Arbeitstitel des Spiels war Rad Rhino and Awesome Possum

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