Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis: Dick
Vitale's "Awesome, Baby!" College Hoops

Veröffentlicht Juni 1994
Publisher Time Warner Interactive
Entwickler Produzenten
Mitzi S. McGilvray
Bill Hindorff

Richard L. Seaborne

Michael Alexander
Richard L. Seaborne
Charles Tolman

Doug Brandon
Earl Vickers

Jose Erazo
Doug Gray
Jules Marino

Dick Vitale
Walter Fields
Codes UPC-A: 031763083504
Genre Sport – Basketball
Controller Mega Drive / Genesis Controller
Medium 16 MB-Steckmodul
Spieler 1–2
Wertung 4.3/10

The ONLY Genesis basketball game with a 3-D rotating court and Dick Vitale!

• Use actual offensive and defensive plays designed by the former college and pro coach Dick Vitale.
• Real college basketball action with 32 teams, 4 conferences and actuall collegiale basketball rules – on a 3-D scaling and rotating court.
• Choose from Tournament, 2-on-2 Slamfest and Single game modes
• 6 game speeds and 3 difficulty settings let you set the pace and style of each game
• Real on-court sounds and gameplay commentary from college basketball sportscaster Dick Vitale
• 5-man teams with real player attributes and moves: ball stealing, behind-the-back passes, lay-ups, book shots, power slam dunks, reverse slams and monster three-pointers.

Play it and you'll be screaming, "Awesome, Baby with a capital A!"

"Awesome, Baby"! College Hoops is one of the best b-ball games around." – Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine


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