Apple II: Galaxian

Veröffentlicht Juni 1984
Publisher Atarisoft (Atari, Inc.)
Code DX5524
Genre Shoot'em up!
Medium Diskette 5¼″
Controller Tastatur, Analogjoystick
Spieler 1–2
Wertung k.A.
Systemanforderungen • Apple II, II+ oder IIe
• Apple DOS 3.3
• 48 kB RAM
• Diskettenlaufwerk

Blast The Galaxian Invasion Out Of The Sky

You feel that spinetingling exhilaration every time you play GALAXIAN in an arcade. Now the same sensation is yours at home. Wave after wave of Drones, Emissaries, Hornets and Commanders come winging in from deep space. Skillfully, you slide your ship right and left with your joystick, dodging their fire and blasting them out of the universe.

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