Atari Arcadespiele: Jet Fighter

Veröffentlicht 15. Okt. 1975 (Upright)
23. Dez. 1975 (Cocktail)
Publisher Atari, Inc., unter den Marken Atari und Kee Games
Entwickler Atari, Inc.
Designer Lyle V. Rains
Genre Action
Steuerung Joystick (8-Wege) mit Feuerknopf
Spieler 1–2 (gleichzeitig)
Prozessor Logikschaltung
Audio Stereo
Video Rasterbildschirm, horizontal, schwarz/weiß, mit farbigen Overlays
Bauformen Upright
Abmessungen H×B×T Upright: 132,4 × 60,3 × 64,1 cm
Gewicht 93,07 kg
Wertung KLOV/IAM k.A./5

Atari: Jet Fighter

Beschreibung / Werbetext (englisch)
Mach II Action
Jet Fighter is a brand new air combat game, the latest from Atari, #1 in video games. Jet Fighter puts your players in the middle of a split-second one-on-one air battle, your customers in the stratosphere of higher profits.
Highflying Features
Exclusive Atari performance features and built-in appeal let you seek and destroy the competition with higher nets, more location action.
Realistic joysticks, fire control buttons put each player in his own cockpit, his own real aircraft.
Large 19″ monitor, bright scratch-resistant graphics, easy-to-read interchangeable 1 or 2 player instruction pnels make Jet Fighter attract players wherever it is. A specially designed removable attraction panel with long-lasting fluourescent lighting lets you visually tailor Jet Fighter to fit any location.
Twin coin chutes (25¢ or 50¢ for two players).
Hinged cash door for easy access to collections.
Locking cashbox means no-loss security.
Long range strike capability. Jet Fighter is built and engineered to stay in the air. Durastress tested, solid-state circuit reliability means minimum down-time, less frustration for players and your customers. Jet Fighter's components are enclosed in a rugged vinyl clad cabinet. The front panel is hinged for easy access to controls. The TV monitor and printed circuit boards are accessible through the back panel for fast maintenance.
Das Spiel findet sich auch im VCS-Spiel Combat wieder.
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