Kee Games Arcadespiele: Indy 4

Veröffentlicht Mai 1976
Publisher Atari, Inc., unter der Marke Kee Games
Entwickler Atari, Inc.
Genre Rennspiel
Steuerung pro Spieler: Lenkrad, Button + 2 Pedale
Spieler 1–4 (gleichzeitig)
Prozessor Logikschaltung
Audio Stereo
Video 25″ Rasterbildschirm, horizontal
Bauformen Insel / Spezial
Abmessungen H×B×T 171 × 111 × 111 cm
Wertung KLOV/IAM 3.15/5

Kee Games: Indy 4
Beschreibung / Werbetext (englisch)
Now, it's a four car race with Indy 4. Up to four drivers in four different colored cars can compete on a fast new track. Indy 4 is part of the same successful racing team as Indy 800. It's smaller, more compact and just as fast when it comes to high earnings. Atari makes you a profit winner in every race.

Large 25″ color monitor, attention-getting, protective smoked-plex canopy and 4 different colored cars add up to high visibility, attraction, and excitement. A special design feature includes molded-in pockets in the control panel to hold glasses. Keep spills away from scratch-resistant plex video screen cover.

Compact Size. Indy 4 is designed to fit into more versatile locations. You can put Indy 4 against the wall, or turn smaller areas of unused island floor footage into space that earns.

All metal foot pedals. Rugged accelerator and brake pedals last longer, won't lose contact. Locking cashboxes for tight security in busy locations, dual coin mechs and hinged cash doors complete Indy 4's standard features.

Player-attracting sound effects. As always, Indy 4 primes the excitement with 4 realistic sound circuits – the deep roar of accelerating engines and screeching tires are irresistible.

Built to drive the distance. Durastress tested, burned in circuitry, and reliable solid state electronics keeps Indy 4 always in the race, your profits non-stop. Steel-frame construction makes Indy 4 a durable competitor. Removable side panels for easy access to components and exclusive Instapart parts backup keeps pit service fast and easy.

Special option. Indy 4 can be ordered with an optional Rowe dollar bill acceptor. Easier collections for you, more convenience for drivers.
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