Namco / Atari Arcadespiele:
ドラゴンスピリット / Dragon Spirit

Veröffentlicht Japan Juli 1987
Publisher Japan Namco Ltd.
USA Atari Games Corp.
Entwickler Namco Ltd.
Designer Tatsuya
Musik Shinji Hosoe
Genre Vertikalshooter
Steuerung Joystick + 2 Buttons
Spieler 1–2 (abwechselnd)
Prozessor 2× Motorola M6809, 2,048 MHz
1× Motorola M6809, 1,536 MHz
1× Hitachi HD63701, 1,536 MHz
Audio mono
Yamaha YM2151, 3,57958 MHz
Namco CUS30, 96 kHz
Video Rasterbildschirm, vertikal, Auflösung 224×288
Bauformen Upright
Arcadesystem Namco System 1
Abmessungen H×B×T Upright: 179×61×68 cm
Gewicht 105 kg
Produktion ca. 600 Stück
Romaji-Umschrift Doragon supiritto
Wertung KLOV/IAM k.A./5

Namco Dragon Spirit

Beschreibung / Werbetext (englisch)
Let it bring out the beast in you

Dragon Spirit scorches the screen with a mythical fantasy theme hot enough to thrill players throughout the land. Come with us and journey to a time long ago when prehistoric beings populated the globe. Where after a millenium of captivity, an ugly serpent demon named "Zawell" escapes imprisonment and kidnaps Alicia, princess to the kingdom of Mitgult.
A young, crafty soldier Amul is selected to rescue the princess and destroy Zawell. In praying to the gods for strength and courage, he points his sword high toward the heavens. Suddenly he is transformed into an all-powerful blue dragon, bestowed with special powers.
Though gifted with a lethal air and ground attack, this is not enough. He must locate and optain extra powers alongthe way. The demon has instructed nine of the mightiest beasts to stop Amul before reaching his goal. Do not underestimate this soldier… he has the Dragon Spirit!
Konsolen- und Computerumsetzungen
ドラゴンスピリット (Doragon supiritto) (NEC PC Engine, Namco)
ドラゴンスピリット (Doragon supiritto) (Nintendo Wii, Namco Bandai Games)
ドラゴンスピリット (Doragon supiritto) (Sharp X68000, Micomsoft)
ドラゴンスピリット新たなる伝説 (Doragon supiritto – Aratanaru densetsu) (Nintendo Famicom, Namco)
Dragon Spirit (Amstrad CPC, Domark)
Dragon Spirit (Atari ST, Domark)
Dragon Spirit (Atari ST, Respray)
Dragon Spirit (Commodore 64, Domark)
Dragon Spirit (Commodore 64, The Hit Squad)
Dragon Spirit (Commodore Amiga, Domark)
Dragon Spirit (NEC TurboGrafx-16, NEC Home Electronics U.S.A.)
Dragon Spirit (Nintendo Wii, Namco Bandai Games America)
Dragon Spirit (PC: MS-DOS, Domark)
Dragon Spirit (Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Domark)
Dragon Spirit (Sinclair ZX Spectrum, The Hit Squad)
Dragon Spirit: The New Legend (Nintendo Entertainment System, Bandai America)
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