Sun Electronics
アラビアン / Arabian

Veröffentlichung USA Mai 1983
Japan Juni 1983
Vertrieb Japan Sun Electronics
Sun Electronics Corp.
6 Oirichoteranouchi
Kōnan, Aichi, 〒483-8412
Vertrieb USA Atari
Atari, Inc.
1265 Borregas Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Entwicklung Sun Electronics
Sun Electronics Corp.
6 Oirichoteranouchi
Kōnan, Aichi, 〒483-8412
Produktcode TVG13 (Sun)
40600 (Atari)
Genre Platformer
Steuerung 8-Wege-Joystick + Taste
Spieler 1–2 (abwechselnd)
Prozessor Zilog Z80, 3 MHz
Tonausgabe Mono, verstärkt
Audio-Subsystem General Instruments AY8910, 1,5 MHz
Bildschirmtyp Rasterbildschirm
Bildausrichtung vertikal
Grafikauflösung 234 × 256
Farben 64
Bauform Standgerät
Schwierigkeitsstufen 2 (Easy/Hard), einstellbar
Leben 3 oder 5 pro Spiel (einstellbar)
Einstellbare Bonusleben - ohne
- bei 20.000 Punkten
- bei 40.000 Punkten
- bei 30.000/70.000 Punkten und alle weiteren 40.000 Punkte
Punkte Oscar / Roc Bird: 100 Punkte
2. Oscar / Roc Bird: 500 Punkte
Messingkrug: 500 Punkte
Super Oscar / Roc Bird: 1000 Punkte
Münzen 15 verschiedene Modi, darunter auch Freispiele und Demo-Modus
Abmessungen H×B×T 180,34×67,95×64,14 cm
Gewicht 139,3 kg
Produktion 1950 Stück
Wertung ★★★★

Atari Flyer
Werbetext (englisch)
Take a tip from a Genie: New Arabian from ATARI will materialize profits before your very eyes!

ATARI sends players on a magical journey into the land of 1001 nights when they play ARABIAN. The game play brings to life the tale of a young Arabian prince who must rescue his princess from a castle tower where she is being held prisoner. Evil genies in brass jugs, swooping Roc birds, and purple ghostlike creatures called Oscars threaten the Arabian on each page of the story.

Page 1. Our Arabian prince begins his journey at the bottom of a ship from which he must work his way to the crow's nest at the top of the mast by the time the vessel sails into shore. As he climbs up the rigging, Roc birds and Oscars dive at him in an attempt to knock him down. The prince's only defense is to kick them out of the way. He must also try to collect brass jugs holding devilish genies who bring him more trouble. The genie can appear at any time and throw snowballs at our hero. However, as long as the genie has not materialized, the Arabian is safe to collect the jug. Once a genie has materialized, the Arabian's kicking power cannot be used against this foe, so he must be avoided. Each brass jug is marked with a letter, if the Arabian can collect all of the jugs in the correct order, he will spell the word "A-R-A-B-I-A-N" and be awarded a 4.000 point bonus. The player can still complete a wave even if he is unable to collect the jugs in the bonus awarding sequence. When the Arabian reaches the top of the ship, the player moves on to Page 2.

Page 2. Now the Arabian has arrived on shore. The only way to approach the tower where the princess awaits him is to crawl through a cave under the cliff. Undaunted in spirit, the Arabian proceeds to do just that – crawling under low-hanging rocks and climbing vines. He must still dodge Roc birds and Oscars as well as snowballs pitched by the genies. And he must still collect the brass jugs spelling "ARABIAN" in order to get the bonus. Finally, he reaches the top of the cave and cliumbs out onto the trunk of a tree.

Page 3. The next obstacle for the Arabian to overcome is to scale the walls of the castle. As flying carpets whiz by, the Arabian must jump from one to the next, taking care he isn't knocked off his present perch by another carpet flying too closely. He can duck to avoid them, but his timing has to be precise or he will take a tumble down to the ground. Some of the carpets carry the brass jugs which he must try to snatch in the passing. And lo and behold, he is still being tormented by the same meanies – Roc birds, Oscars and genies. En garde! Sometimes a pair will merge into one super Roc bird or super Oscar.

Page 4. Now the Arabian has entered the castle. The princess beckons him from high in the tower. In order to reach her, he must first ride atop some flying carpets and then pull himself up some ropes – all the while avoiding the meddlesome Roc birds and Oscars and collecting the brass jugs. Finally, he reaches his loving and grateful princess and – true to any great tale of romance – the two fly happily into the sunset on a magic carpet to the exotic rapture of the musical accompaniment. Once the player has taken the Arabian through all four pages, the story begins again except that the action gets faster, the genies become angrier and fling more snowballs, and the Roc birds and Oscars increase in number. Even the brass jugs are rearranged so that it becomes more difficult for the player to spell "ARABIAN".

Der Arbeitstitel des Spiels war Aladdin.

Das Spiel wurde von der Sun-Tochter Sunsoft als スーパーアラビアン (Super Arabian) auf den Nintendo Famicom portiert, von Interceptor Software als Tales of the Arabian Nights auf Acorn Electron/BBC Micro, Amstrad/Schneider CPC, Commodore 64 und Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Den Punkterekord hält Chuck Futtrell, der am 24. November 1984 219.750 Punkte erzielte.

APB (All-Points Bulletin) Arcade Classics

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